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Company Headquarters:  Poland

Products Made In:  Poland

Company Main Product: Shoes

Company Website: wojas.eu


From their website:

Today Wojas S.A. is one of the largest and most respected Polish footwear manufacturers, which has a network of nearly 180 stores in Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Belarus, and Hungary, and produces several hundred thousand pairs of shoes every year. The company’s offer includes elegant leather footwear for women and men and trekking footwear. The offer is complemented by leather goods – handbags, briefcases, and belts. Part of the production is directed to export and to special services – Wojas has been supplying footwear for the army, fire brigade, border guards, Polish post office, forestry, and transport services for several years. Wojas S.A. employs nearly 1,500 people in Poland.