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Extensive catalogue of EU-made consumer products

Sustainable fashion? Locally produced home design? Unique jewellery? Regional specialities?
Welcome to the online catalogue, where you will find it all, and more, from online shops all over Europe.
Search by category, country and certification to find exactly what you want AND love! 🧡

The Story

Ever been there? You see a nice ad on social media. Those great shoes for summer vacation, a new kitchen accessory you think you should try one day or a thing that would make a PERFECT present for a friend, but their birthday is 6 months away so it can wait. 

And then, you lose it. Once you need those perfect shoes, a nifty kitchen accessory or a present for a friend, the ad is long gone and with it, your memory of the product. So you search around in vain and settle for something else.

Or maybe you clicked the ad directly and it looks so great. Flashy reviews say how great and ground-breaking this product is. Perhaps it’s even called something like “Paris Fashion” or “Scandinavian decor”, but if you dig further, it’s just another pop-up dropshipping website, with fake reviews, sourcing their products from “who-knows-where”. And if you decide to continue your shopping, your order might come with a hefty importation tax invoice to pay.

Well, I have been there. 😫

I wanted to find good quality products, so I was investigating brands I found, looking for independent reviews and saving ideas on my private Pinterest boards. And then I thought, I could share this work with others!

The Rules

What brands and products will you find here?

The strict rule is that a) the company headquarters is in European Union and b) it offers online shopping with delivery to at least the majority of European countries.

We try to promote small to medium size companies, that are the actual producers of personal goods and have the majority of production in Europe. We do prioritise ethical / sustainable / cruelty-free etc. but it’s not a must. Lots of companies do good things without a certificate 👍

We avoid big, international corporations, luxury brands, importers and resellers. 

Advantages of buying Made in Europe

  • Quality assurance: The European Union has strict regulations and standards for the production of goods, ensuring that products are of high quality.
  • Environmental protection: The EU has strong environmental policies, so products produced in the region are often more eco-friendly.
  • Consumer protection: The EU has laws that protect consumers from unsafe and harmful products, providing peace of mind for the consumer.
  • Access to a large market: The EU is a large single market with a high purchasing power, providing opportunities for companies to sell their products in multiple countries.
  • Support for local economies: Buying products produced in the EU supports local economies and creates jobs, contributing to the economic development of the region.