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Tizz & Tonic

Company Headquarters:  Germany

Products Made In:  Germany

Company Main Product: Underwear

Company Website: tizzandtonic.com (affiliate) Read more about what it means.


From their website:

We created Tizz & Tonic to get you more excited about greener fashion and be inspired to invest in better clothing. We’re here to vitalize the industry, even just a little bit. Because the fashion industry needs a big makeover – and for us, it starts with underwear. And through our underwear, we’re dedicated to focusing on self-expression, self-appreciation and finding comfort in yourself. We design elevated intimates for every day and zoom right past the hyper-sexualised commonalities one often sees in mainstream underwear marketing. Because that’s old school stuff. 

All of Tizz & Tonic pieces are made by us and our small team in our Bremen-based studio. Over the years, our brand has certainly blossomed and bloomed, but the two of us are still the main characters in the design and production story. The studio is a place of conscious production and creative experimentation. 

By combining bold prints and colours, Tizz & Tonic intimates are specifically designed to energize you for each day ahead. Our easy-to-fit stretchy undies harmonize with your ever-changing body so you can fall in love with yourself day in and day out. All the while not putting extra strain on our beautiful planet. 

Uncomplicated style, uncompromised ethics – that’s what we’re about.