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Stephen Cordina ✅ SHOWP confirmedRead more about what it means.

Company Headquarters:  Malta

Products Made In:  Malta

Company Main Product: Home & Deco

Company Website: stephencordina.com

Last Reviewed: 15-06-2024


From their website:

Stephen Cordina, the pioneering Maltese perfumer since 2005, is renowned for creating luxurious natural home fragrances and premium cosmetic products. With diplomas in aromatherapy, reflexology, and clinical medicine, and training from the UK and Switzerland, he blends essential oils to craft unique, health-enhancing scents.

His decade-long dedication to formulating blends that promote wellbeing and emit beautiful fragrances distinguishes his brand. Each product from the Stephen Cordina Collection benefits from his personal attention, rigorous quality control, and a deep belief in the therapeutic power of plant ingredients, setting them apart from mass-produced alternatives.