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Soap Cafe ✅ SHOWP confirmed Read more about what it means.

Company Headquarters:  Malta

Products Made In:  Malta

Company Main Product: Skin, Body & Hair

Company Website: soapcafemalta.com

Last Reviewed: 03-06-2024


From their website:

Soap Cafe, located in Sliema, Malta, offers fine artisan beauty products crafted by various artists and artisans. The boutique features over 50 handmade soaps, lotions, balms, scrubs, hair care, men’s care, and baby products. Most products are vegan, with a few exceptions using ethically sourced honey, beeswax, and goat’s milk.

Soap Cafe’s unique offerings include fresh, individually crafted items using local ingredients and traditional ‘cold process’ soap-making methods. They also provide a refill station for eco-friendly refills and on-the-spot product customization.

The company’s mission is to create goods that benefit humans, animals, and the planet. All products are toxic-free, cruelty-free, and made from ethically sourced materials. Through their refill systems, Soap Cafe aims to reduce single-use plastics while offering high-quality, sustainable products and discounts for refills.