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Rarámuri ✅ SHOWP confirmed Read more about what it means.

Company Headquarters:  Belgium

Products Made In:  Spain

Company Main Product: Shoes

Company Website: raramuri.co (affiliate) Read more about what it means.


From their website:

“Inspired by freedom, unity with nature and adventure of the Rarámuri tribe, our mission is not only to share these values , but also to strive for ultimate comfort and durability. Rarámuri is made for free spirits, adventurers and bon vivants who value the people and nature around them.”

Our values

We’re not only dedicated to the sandals you wear, but also to the world we all live in. This is what we stand for, what we believe and what we aim to pursue in the future.

01 Simplicity
02 Comfort
03 Sustainability
04 Local & fair production
05 Social wealth
06 Transparency