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Montlimart ✅ SHOWP confirmed Read more about what it means.

Company Headquarters:  France

Company Main Product: Fashion

Company Website: www.montlimart.com

Last Reviewed: 05-11-2023


From their website:

Montlimart, an eco-responsible men’s fashion brand which combines style and reason with the idea of ​​preserving our territory and our roots. More than 80% of products are made in France, all made less than 2000 kilometres from the most responsible materials possible, without forgetting the gesture for biodiversity with the sponsorship of 100 bees for each order placed. 

Placing ethics at the heart of our actions, promoting exceptional know-how, supporting responsible fashion and preserving biodiversity are essential points to allow people to consume less, but better.  

A commitment and strong values ​​have been present since the creation of Montlimart in 2017, which takes its name from the village Saint-Pierre-Montlimart in Maine-et-Loire, where its two co-founders come from.