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Company Headquarters:  Poland

Products Made In:  Poland

Company Main Product: Fashion

Company Website: monikakaminska.com

Last Reviewed:


From their website:

Each of our customers will confirm that we know everything about materials. Their selection has been a priority for us since 2014, the beginning of the brand. With us, you will find only natural fabrics: wool, linen, silk, cotton, and artificial ones: viscose, cupro, and lyocell. They are a guarantee of quality for many seasons and don’t require frequent washing and ironing. We say a firm no to synthetic fabrics: polyester, polyamide, and acrylic. Our bodies deserve better than clothes made of plastic.

As a brand, we prove every day that it is possible to produce every piece of clothing, from underwear to floral dresses to suits, in an environmentally friendly, ethical, and quality way. Top quality is available in every style from now on!