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Magee 1866

Company Headquarters:  Ireland

Products Made In:  Ireland  United Kingdom

Company Main Product: Clothes

Company Website: www.magee1866.com (affiliate) Read more about what it means.


From their website:

Magee 1866 – a fifth-generation Irish family business with over 150 years’ experience in designing, weaving and tailoring luxurious fabrics and clothing in Donegal.

Magee was founded on handwoven tweed over 150 years ago when John Magee first established a small drapers shop in Donegal, Ireland. This hardwearing, coarse fabric was handwoven across Donegal by part-time fishermen and farmers as the perfect fabric for dissipating the damp and cold weather, so often found in North-west Ireland, a far cry from the luxurious cloths being produced today. In 1900, Robert Temple – John Magee’s cousin and apprentice – bought the business and today the third and fourth generations of the Temple family are still at the helm – Lynn, Charlotte, Paddy and Rosy.

Our weaving mill in Donegal Town, on the banks of the River Eske, is still the beating heart of everything we do at Magee. We are proud to support a tradition of weaving and manufacturing textiles in the northwest of Ireland, bringing a contemporary edge to an age-old craft.

Our location in County Donegal offers endless and ever-changing inspiration for our design team. From the rugged coastline to peaty bogs, to open skies and rolling hills, the Irish landscape offers a deep well of colour and pattern to draw from.