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Komrads ✅ SHOWP confirmed Read more about what it means.

Company Headquarters:  Belgium

Products Made In:  Portugal

Company Main Product: Shoes

Company Website: komrads.world (affiliate) Read more about what it means.

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From their website:

Komrads is dedicated to crafting sneakers with the minimal possible impact on the planet. The journey commenced in 2015 when the brand was established with a singular objective: developing a sustainable cult brand deeply rooted in contemporary culture. Komrads embraces the present while maintaining profound respect for the heritage of their product and the Earth. The brand appeals to a community of dreamers, creators, musicians, and believers, prioritizing production with reverence for both people and nature.

The commitment extends to a promise of creating sneakers entirely fashioned from reused and recycled materials, avoiding the exploitation of natural resources. This ethical approach ensures that no animals are harmed, and no rainforests are felled in the production process. The result is a sneaker that serves as a genuine solution to environmental challenges, fitting seamlessly into the circular economy, all while maintaining high standards in quality, comfort, and design.

Komrads sources materials that are recycled, certified, vegan, and traceable for the production of their sneakers. The manufacturing takes place in Portugal, guaranteeing adherence to strict European working conditions. Furthermore, the fulfillment process is entrusted to Nektari, a sheltered workplace that provides employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities, ex-convicts, and those facing challenges in the regular job market.

At Komrads, there is a conscientious effort to measure the impact on the planet, with the ultimate goal of progressing towards zero impact. Each sneaker is more than just footwear; it carries a story, a cost, and an impact on both people and the planet.