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Company Headquarters:  Spain

Products Made In:  Spain

Company Main Product: Bags & Wallets

Company Website: www.canussa.com (affiliate) Read more about what it means.

Last Reviewed: 04-07-2024


From their website:

In 2017, Maria Cano founded Canussa, recognizing a gap in the office accessory market for elegant and functional computer bags and backpacks. As a discerning consumer, Maria was disheartened by the declining quality in fashion, particularly among premium brands that outsourced production to Asia, compromising quality for cost. With an acute awareness of the social and environmental impacts of fashion, Canussa was established.

Canussa is a brand known for its minimalist, practical, and smart accessories, all ethically crafted in artisan workshops in Spain. This local production approach reduces the carbon footprint and ensures optimal working conditions for artisans.

From the design phase, Canussa prioritizes quality and durability, creating products with timeless and practical designs that extend their lifespan. The brand continuously seeks out innovative materials that have a lower carbon, water, and ecological footprint, while still meeting high-quality standards.

Believing in a circular future, Canussa is committed to innovating and creating fashion that is more respectful of both the planet and its people.