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Company Headquarters:  Germany

Company Main Product: Underwear

Last Reviewed: 26-02-2023


From their website:

A fusion between exquisite nostalgia and sleek comfort for a modern lifestyle. Our intimates wrap your body, revealing and concealing its natural curve. Made from fabrics specially selected for their exclusive touch, Anekdot hints at a researched curiosity and unexpected surprise, stimulating the desire to become the best version of yourself.

Anekdot is an upcycle brand

This does not mean you will be wearing someone else’s underwear. It means that we source our superb materials from production leftovers, end of lines, off-cuts, deadstock and vintage trimmings turning them into something beautiful and meaningful for your everyday life. We are in perpetual search for new opportunities to source our materials. This could be a closing down factory, maker’s surplus, production errors or miscalculations. The materials we use have never been previously worn, but we thought we’d give them a new chance to be enjoyed. For the above reasons our products are limited editions and can hardly be reproduced.