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Company Headquarters:  Spain

Products Made In:  Spain  Portugal

Company Main Product: Shoes

Company Website: www.alohas.io (affiliate) Read more about what it means.

Last Reviewed: 01-01-2023


From their website:

Who we are

Back in 2015, ALOHAS was founded in Hawaii to put a twist on the classic espadrilles – the ultimate footwear choice for those chasing the sun all year round. Since then, we have taken a break from the heat to develop fall/winter collections too, so you can now wear ALOHAS everyday, rain or shine. Step by step, our style has evolved to incorporate both trendy silhouettes and timeless icons with a focus on sustainability.

What we do

Championing the on-demand system

Fashion overproduction is one of the world’s biggest environmental threats – we simply refuse to stand and watch. Our pre-order business model allows us to forecast demand levels prior to production, so we only make what you actually want to buy. Good things come to those who wait and don’t waste!