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3INA ✅ SHOWP confirmed Read more about what it means.

Company Headquarters:  Spain

Products Made In:  -= Europe =-

Company Main Product: Make-Up

Company Website: 3ina.com


From their website:

Welcome to the vibrant world of 3INA, an innovative makeup brand and store founded by retail visionaries Pablo Rivera and Mark Eve. Embracing a fresh array of colors, 3INA introduces a comprehensive range of products, all made in Europe. This dynamic brand is not just about makeup; it’s a celebration of self-expression, ethical beauty, and a commitment to inclusivity. At 3INA, the philosophy is simple – beauty should know no bounds. The brand champions freedom of self-expression through highly pigmented and long-lasting formulas that cater to a diverse range of skin tones and types. All products are proudly paraben and cruelty-free, reinforcing 3INA’s dedication to ethical practices in the beauty industry. More than just a makeup brand, 3INA is a movement for body positivity, countering negative insecurities with a community-driven approach. It stands as a platform for peer-to-peer support rather than peer pressure, creating an environment where everyone is encouraged to embrace their unique beauty.