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Company Headquarters:  France

Products Made In:  France  Italy  Tunisia

Company Main Product: Underwear

Company Website: www.yade-paris.fr

Last Reviewed: 25-04-2024


From their website:

Yade is dedicated to transforming the lingerie industry to enhance women’s daily lives. Their products are efficient, empowering, and comfortable, aimed at boosting self-confidence. Since 2018, Yade has been on a mission to revolutionize lingerie by addressing real women’s needs and providing solutions to market product challenges. Throughout their product development process, they prioritize identifying and understanding existing product issues to resolve them effectively. Partners are carefully selected based on expertise, fostering a trust-based relationship to ensure shared values in responsibility and eco-production. Committed to more responsible manufacturing, partners utilize 100% renewable energies, maintain REACH certification for fair working conditions, and implement water filtration for production. Situated in Europe or the Mediterranean basin, particularly in France, Italy, and Tunisia, Yade minimizes transportation impact during product manufacturing.