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Volim Ljuto

Company Headquarters:  Croatia

Products Made In:  Croatia

Company Main Product: Condiments

Company Website: www.volimljuto.com

Last Reviewed: 30-06-2023


From their website:

The team that hides under the name Volim Ljuto works every day to provide lovers of spicy foods with the highest quality domestic products. We grow and sell seedlings and fruits of hot peppers, as well as their products in the form of sauces, ajvar, cold cuts and spices. All products are homemade, and we are happy to spread knowledge about peppers, as well as information and advice on growing them. Year after year, we try to expand the range of products and create something new, while maintaining the quality that makes all customers loyal to us. Given that we love what we do, working hours do not exist with us. Did you know that spicy also tastes good? Try it!

All products are produced at OPG Vrabec Goran, Gajeva 37, Igrišće, 10297 Jakovlje, except in the case of cooperation with other OPGs, which we clearly point out on the product itself.