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vega basics

Company Headquarters:  Belgium

Products Made In:  Portugal

Company Main Product: Baby & Kids

Company Website: www.vega-basics.com

Last Reviewed: 27-03-2023


From their website:

We attach great importance to sustainability.

After designing the collection in Antwerp, we travel to our local manufacturer near Porto a few times a year to make sure both ecological and social criteria are taken in careful consideration.

Luckily for us we have an amazing team there with the same values!

Due to the style of our clothing, all our pieces are meant to be worn for a long time.

Oversized look to begin with, just on-size to end.

This reinforces our belief that your Vega items should be worn for more than a few months per child.

We hope to contribute to a world where people buy consciously and think about the consequences of mass consumption.