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Shanty Biscuits

Company Headquarters:  France

Products Made In:  France

Company Main Product: Sweets

Company Website: shantybiscuits.com

Last Reviewed: 18-03-2024


From their website:

Shanty Biscuits, founded in 2013 in Aix-en-Provence 🇫🇷, began with Shanty personally crafting biscuits in her apartment for two years. 🍪 As the company expanded, it established not just one, but two manufacturing workshops, all while staying true to its roots in Provence, amidst the chirping cicadas and glasses of pastis. 🌞🥃 Now nestled in Vitrolles, the Shanty Factory spans 820m2, where every aspect of biscuit production, from dough to packaging, is meticulously internalized to ensure mastery and swift responsiveness.

Shanty Biscuits prides itself not only on its delectable taste but also on the core values shared daily on Instagram: authenticity, humor, madness, and ambition! 🎉🌟 Crafted in their workshop near Aix-en-Provence, these biscuits are concocted using natural ingredients without any preservatives, additives, or artificial colorings. 🌿 From sourcing raw materials to packaging, French partners are preferred wherever possible, with flour from Hauts de France, caramel and butter from Brittany, and fleur de sel from Camargue. 🇫🇷 Unique recipes, tools, and manufacturing processes have been developed, ensuring the ability to cater to customized orders in both small and large quantities within tight deadlines. 🍽️

Shanty Biscuits boasts a distinctive ordering process where customers conceptualize their biscuits, and the team brings those visions to life, resulting in bespoke creations delivered directly to their doorsteps. 🎨📦 No stock is kept, and each order is as unique as the individual who dreams it up. ✨