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Company Headquarters:  Netherlands

Products Made In:  Portugal

Company Main Product: Fashion

Company Website: primalsoles.com

Last Reviewed: 11-05-2024


From their website:

PRIMAL Soles, a beacon of comfort and sustainability, pioneers innovative shoe insoles that redefine the footwear experience. With an unwavering commitment to environmental stewardship, they craft the world’s most comfortable insoles, seamlessly blending comfort and sustainability for a conscious lifestyle.

Elevate your comfort with PRIMAL Soles, sustainable cork insoles designed for a lifetime of unparalleled comfort, leaving a minimal environmental footprint. These high-performance, CO2-negative, and endlessly recyclable inserts offer optimal support for arches, alleviate foot, knee, and back pain, address plantar fasciitis, and correct posture.

Breaking free from the traditional norm of cheap, synthetic insoles, PRIMAL Soles leads the way in change, prioritizing the product life cycle from inception to end-of-life. Crafted with sustainable materials and employing closed-loop recycling, every step with PRIMAL Soles contributes to a circular economy, minimizing waste and maximizing sustainability.

Experience the Primal Difference: Choose PRIMAL Soles for insoles that provide natural comfort while championing a sustainable future. Celebrating movement, curiosity, and environmental responsibility, PRIMAL Soles advocates for a healthier, more aware world where both consumers and producers embrace their roles in the entire product life cycle. Walk with PRIMAL Soles, where every step makes a positive impact on the planet.