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Company Headquarters:  Poland

Company Main Product: Food & Drinks

Company Website: olini.pl


From their website:

Olini is a family-owned oil mill that presses unfiltered plant oils. The oils are manually pressed on a small scale, only upon customer orders, ensuring the highest quality and maximum freshness. For years, Olini’s mission has been to educate and raise awareness about the role of plant fats in the healthy diet of adults and children.

The family-owned Olini oil mill has been pressing high-quality plant oils from the finest grains for years. The oils are cold-pressed, and always made to order for the customer. In the Olini online store, you can purchase healthy plant products directly from the manufacturer. Always fresh, made from the best quality ingredients, without preservatives, enhancers, or additives.

In addition to cold-pressed oils, Olini offers a variety of products, including pickled vegetables, cold-pressed juices, honey from Polish apiaries, fruit-infused honey, nuts and peanut butter, cosmetic oils, as well as handmade natural soaps made from cold-pressed oils, essential oils, and many other items.