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Company Headquarters:  Belgium

Products Made In:  Spain

Company Main Product: Shoes

Company Website: nuoceans.com


From their website:

Nuoceans is a start-up company focused on recycling the unrecyclable: it has designed the first ever sandal made from ocean waste flip flops, discarded fishing nets, and other recycled materials, that is also fully recyclable with the recuperation scheme: the NUOS. Nuoceans aim is to clean our oceans by inspiring and empowering every person to make a difference, together, one step at a time.
Since 2018, Nuoceans has been on a mission to leave a legacy that shouts, “We’re here to make a real difference!” At Nuoceans, the focus is on creating a movement, making waves that’ll make people say, “Now that’s how you save the oceans, baby!” They accomplished the unthinkable: creating the world’s first sandal made from unrecyclable flip-flop waste, infused with the highest dose of ocean plastic currently available on the market. Their mission? To produce sandals that endure a lifetime and generate a trail of positive impact for the oceans. With Nuoceans on one’s feet, individuals become advocates for a cleaner environment, addressing a problem that has been overlooked for far too long.
Stepping into their world means embracing a fusion of fun and responsibility, making a fashion statement with sandals that contribute to making a difference. Together, they aspire to rewrite the narrative of ocean pollution and grace the shorelines in a stylish and sustainable manner!