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Company Headquarters:  Italy

Products Made In:  Italy

Company Main Product: Underwear

Company Website: nobileitaly.com


From their website:

Italian quality, constant commitment, fine yarns, all made in-house. Just like the old days.

Those who choose us believe in the value of craftsmanship.

Those who choose us prefer quality (and sustainability) over fast fashion brands.

Those who choose us know that small details, even those seemingly imperceptible, communicate everything.

The perfect recipe for a valuable product is born from the union of several ingredients combined together.

  • Unique yarns like hand-picked extra-long Makò cotton staples (very hard to find) and the most elastic of elastomers, that is, Lycra®.
  • Working processes of the yarns with the best technologies available.
  • A team of craftsmen with decades of experience who manage to harmoniously and stylishly put our creations together.

The result of this recipe is a fine design for every occasion of your life, socks made from certified Filoscozia®, one of the most precious cottons in the world, and superior comfort.

This is NOBILE.