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Company Headquarters:  Slovenia

Products Made In:  Slovenia

Company Main Product: Uncategorized

Company Website: www.mmore.net

Last Reviewed: 25-04-2024


From their website:

Žiga, the founder of MMORE Cases, embarked on a journey that intertwined his love for nature with his passion for technology, crafting a brand that resonates with those seeking a deeper connection to the natural world in their everyday lives.

The essence of MMORE Cases lies in its minimalist logo, symbolizing the harmony between nature and technology. Žiga’s vision is to infuse everyday tech products with the essence of nature, bringing the rejuvenating touch of the outdoors to the palm of one’s hand.

Starting with wooden phone cases, which elicited warmth and pleasure with each touch, Žiga soon realized his aspirations transcended mere craftsmanship.

Driven by a quest for uniqueness and authenticity, MMORE Cases expanded its offerings to include Organic phone cases, designed to evoke the scents and sensations of nature’s bounty. These cases serve as gentle reminders of the world beyond office walls and city streets, transporting users to verdant landscapes and fragrant meadows with each interaction.

Žiga’s commitment to environmental stewardship is woven into the fabric of MMORE Cases, with initiatives ranging from tree planting for every product sold to a comprehensive recycling program.