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Company Headquarters:  Poland

Products Made In:  Poland

Company Main Product: Clothes

Company Website: mojkrajtakipiekny.com


From their website:

The main assumption of our projects is universality, timelessness, and above all quality. We are our first customers, so we always test it ourselves before a particular model goes on sale, and we are quite strict in this respect. Because in terms of comfort and aesthetics, we do not compromise.

We know very well that modern women are constantly on the go from the morning, and have many roles to reconcile – they are the best moms for their children, successful businesswomen and great friends who sometimes also like to think about themselves and get out for a drink or two ;). We want our collections to help them, and emphasize their natural beauty and femininity. We don’t dress up, clothes with the MKTP label are supposed to let you feel at ease and the best in your skin, and most importantly, you can wear them from morning to evening.