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Love and Hate

Company Headquarters:  Poland

Products Made In:  Poland

Company Main Product: Underwear

Company Website: loveandhate.pl

Last Reviewed: 27-01-2024


From their website:

Love and Hate is a new Polish brand worth keeping an eye on. The brand offers bestselling premium lingerie products, placing a strong emphasis on the highest quality, particularly through the use of the best materials and the most delicate lace. All products available in the store are meticulously handcrafted in Poland.

The Love and Hate range continues to expand. In the online store, you will find not only sexy lingerie and swimwear but also satin dresses, highly fashionable kimonos, and velvety bodysuits. The brand is appreciated for its broad size range and meticulously perfected constructions. Materials are sourced from selected suppliers in Poland, Italy, and Spain, who produce handmade and local products.

They have made artisanal tailoring their distinctive signature. By prioritizing quality and structural precision with a fashion-forward approach, the brand introduces an entirely new standard to the world of independent fashion. This brand harmoniously blends two perspectives on fashion: the craftsmanship of Łódź and the California vibe.