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Levy’s Stuff

Company Headquarters:  Netherlands

Products Made In:  Netherlands

Company Main Product: Animal Accessories

Company Website: www.levysstuff.nl

Last Reviewed: 08-03-2024


From their website:

Levy’s Stuff is a brand known for its handmade, stylish, and adventure-proof dog gear, crafted with love since 2019. Based in the Netherlands, Levy’s Stuff remains a modest-sized company driven by passion rather than seeking the limelight. The founder’s dedication stems from a personal hobby, crafting distinctive, durable, and adventure-ready dog accessories. Each item may bear the mark of handmade imperfections, yet they exude solidity and resilience, embodying the brand’s commitment to quality. Customers frequently express pleasant astonishment at the strength of Levy’s Stuff products, often exceeding expectations associated with handmade craftsmanship. Levy’s Stuff eagerly anticipates the opportunity to create bespoke products for its clientele, aiming to continue spreading joy through its durable and unique offerings.