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Laura CLOB

Company Headquarters:  Spain

Products Made In:  Spain

Company Main Product: Jewelry & Accessories

Company Website: www.lauraclob.es


From their website:

Laura Otero, the driving force behind the Laura CLOB brand, passionately advocates fashion and color. 🎨 Her journey began in 2017, amidst the challenges of single motherhood, where the idea of creating her brand flourished. Combining her love for accessories with the responsibilities of caring for her child, Laura embarked on a risky yet fulfilling adventure.

Laura CLOB stands out for its timeless pieces seamlessly blending with current trends. Each item is meticulously handcrafted with premium materials, showcasing unique designs that exude love and dedication.

For the woman who craves exclusivity and originality, who embodies femininity and confidence, Laura CLOB offers a collection of light and comfortable accessories suitable for all-day wear. If you resonate with these qualities, you are undoubtedly a ChicaCLOB.

Embrace each day in full color with Laura CLOB! 🌈