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Company Headquarters:  Sweden

Products Made In:  Sweden

Company Main Product: Clothes

Company Website: hoodielab.com

Last Reviewed: 22-05-2024


From their website:


Hoodie Lab uses the highest quality fabrics and technology, combined with premium craftsmanship, to deliver unparalleled quality. All items are shipped directly from their warehouse in Stockholm, Sweden.

Established in 2017 in Stockholm, Sweden, Hoodie Lab began with a modest assortment of vivid All Over Print Hoodies and a mission to connect gifted artists with passionate customers, transforming art into premium, all-over print apparel.

Today, Hoodie Lab meticulously creates an extensive range of unique handmade items, showcasing designs from a diverse array of talented artists worldwide. The brand distinguishes itself by curating unique designs from these artists and blending them with distinctive crafting techniques and advanced printing technology. This combination allows Hoodie Lab to offer limitless possibilities, elevating standard graphic tees and hoodies with options ranging from galaxy prints to psychedelic art and minimalist designs. Their collections cater to diverse artistic preferences, unveiling new all-over print products and designs for both men and women every month.

Hoodie Lab consistently aims to provide the utmost quality, continually enhancing fabrics, fit, and printing technology. Years of dedicated effort and refinement have culminated in their premier line of all-over print hoodies, shirts, and tank tops. Whether it’s their double-layered hoodies or breathable t-shirts, each item meets the highest standards of quality.

Hoodie Lab sets itself apart by curating original designs from talented independent artists worldwide, who earn money every time a purchase is made.