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Company Headquarters:  France

Company Main Product: Shoes

Company Website: www.mychatelles.com

Last Reviewed: 19-05-2023


From their website:


With more than 500 original models created, in a wide choice of materials and colors, Chatelles offers all women to shine in flats without sacrificing femininity or comfort.

The Parisian brand is inspired by English shoe, the iconic gentleman’s indoor slippers, that is declined in outdoor models for women, men and children. Their slim and light design ensures an elegant walk, and goes perfectly with all outfits, from jeans to evening dresses, from the office to the dance floor, to wear indoors at home in winter or travel in summer.

Founder and artistic director François du Chastel emphasizes comfort by integrating a memory sole in all slippers. In addition, he imagines a unique customization concept in the shoe world: the possibility of mixing the model and the accessory according to your looks, in order to personalize the model of your choice. Thus, accessories, tassels or embroidered initials accessorize your slippers according to your taste.