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Company Headquarters:  Netherlands

Products Made In:  Netherlands

Company Main Product: Home & Deco

Company Website: www.byalex.shop


From their website:

Meet ByAlex, a premium lifestyle brand curated by ethical entrepreneur and devoted mother, Alex. Rooted in the heart of Rotterdam, ByAlex is dedicated to enhancing your quality of life with a carefully crafted collection of ethically produced kids, yoga, and homeware items.

Driven by a commitment to authenticity, ByAlex values the fusion of style and functionality. The brand’s current offerings include fine foam play mats for children, seamlessly designed to complement chic interiors. Embodying a sense of luxury, ByAlex also presents a range of lifestyle items such as poufs and posters, adding a touch of sophistication to your living space.

At the core of ByAlex’s philosophy is the belief that every moment can be made special. This ethos is reflected in the meticulously designed and ethically produced products that cater to individuals and families seeking a premium lifestyle experience. Discover ByAlex—where quality, style, and ethical values converge to create moments worth cherishing.