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Bonne Maison

Company Headquarters:  France

Products Made In:  France  Italy

Company Main Product: Fashion

Company Website: www.bonnemaison.fr

Last Reviewed:


From their website:

Bonne Maison is a French brand creating high-quality socks. Their socks are made of the finest Egyptian cotton & feature the coolest prints ever seen on feet. Bonne Maison has chosen a double thread, 100% Egyptian cotton that is perfectly round and smooth, owing to its high-quality raw material. The cotton is spun using a special technique that eliminates all short fibers, preventing pilling once knitted. This results in a smooth, soft, matte, and strong fabric. The colors are meticulously created, and the threads are dyed specifically for the brand in Italy.

Benefiting from the expertise of a French manufacturer, Bonne Maison has crafted a high-quality sock that is exceptionally thin, featuring a stitchless strengthened toe. The delicacy of the stitching ensures precision in the patterns. Collaborating with the manufacturer, Bonne Maison has invested in thin gauge knitting machines, enabling them to produce 80% of their socks in France, with the remaining 20% manufactured in Europe.