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Black Tree

Company Headquarters:  Poland

Products Made In:  Poland

Company Main Product: Home & Deco

Company Website: black-tree.eu


From their website:

Black Tree is a Polish craft brand that has been creating products made of natural cowhide for over 7 years. Products are addressed to people who appreciate craftsmanship, natural materials and simple form in everyday items. Black Tree is a small team that makes all its products by hand and puts a lot of heart and commitment into the production of each of them. Black Tree cares about the high quality of the materials they use to guarantee the durability and beautiful appearance of products. The team focuses on the most natural approach to the leather processing process. All products are made of vegetable-tanned materials. The entire process is ecological without the use of chemicals, making the leather more durable, stiff and non-toxic. The entire leather setting is still in the hands of the employees. The edges are hand-processed, painted and sanded, and finally carefully packed. Join the group of satisfied customers and enjoy the beauty and durability of products created with you in mind.