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Company Headquarters:  Finland

Products Made In:  Netherlands

Company Main Product: Furniture

Company Website: basta.co

Last Reviewed: 22-02-2024


From their website:

At BASTA, the team is reshaping how furniture fits into people’s lives. Founded by a group of experts, including a visionary designer, a design and R&D innovator, and a seasoned business leader, the company is on a quest to redefine furniture.

The goal is simple yet ambitious: to create affordable but durable, stylish yet timeless sofas made sustainably for modern living. BASTA is on a mission to surpass fast furniture by producing future-proof sofas.

The team understands that building a sofa to last involves more than just quality materials; it’s about convenience and adaptability, making lives easier.

A year and a half was spent fine-tuning not just a design but a system. BASTA envisioned a sofa that could be easily built, rebuilt, and resized in almost infinite permutations. Customers can take these sofas from space to space, from home to home, and from city to city.

  • Washable and Longlasting

The Cubi sofa, designed by BASTA, boasts washable covers and is crafted from sustainable materials such as birch plywood, all of which are sourced from the EU. Customers are invited to participate in selecting furniture that is both environmentally friendly and ideal for contemporary living.

  • Adaptable and Modular

BASTA’s modular Cubi sofas offer a glimpse into the world of flexible living. Catering to those who prioritize sustainability and adaptability, the sofas are well-suited for changing lifestyles and dynamic spaces.

  • Local and Sustainable

BASTA adheres to the belief that significant impacts can be achieved through small changes, particularly for the betterment of the planet. The sofas are meticulously crafted in small, local workshops, utilizing eco-friendly materials. This approach not only minimizes pollution but also contributes to the support of local jobs.