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Company Headquarters:  France

Products Made In:  Portugal

Company Main Product: Sportswear

Company Website: babeefit.com

Last Reviewed: 04-01-2024


From their website:

BABEE is the new French premium sports brand for women, created by Néomie Azerval at just 24 years old. BABEE is the perfect fusion of fitness and style, with sportswear with unique and sexy details, an ultra-shaping fit and advanced technology that ensures excellent support.

The company provides top-quality products, ensuring that all items are 100% Made in Europe through ethical production practices. The designs are conceived in Paris, utilizing premium fabric sourced from Italy. The manufacturing process takes place in a small family factory located in Portugal, with all garments being handmade. The close proximity of the production facility enables thorough oversight and control of every stage of the manufacturing process. By promoting the availability of superior quality and long-lasting products, the company seeks to inspire consumers to make more responsible purchasing choices. This collective effort aims to contribute to the reduction of the environmental impact associated with textiles.

The company has opted for a premium fabric that is 100% Made in Italy and holds OEKO-TEX® certification, ensuring it is free from harmful substances. The fabric, consisting of Elastane and Polyamide, is tailored for sports applications, boasting features such as ultra-breathability (zero perspiration), comfort, shaping properties, and rapid drying. Their emphasis on delivering superior quality and long-lasting products serves as an encouragement for consumers to make more responsible purchasing decisions. By collectively opting for products of higher quality, they aim to contribute to the reduction of the environmental impact of textiles.