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Atelier Orion

Company Headquarters:  France

Products Made In:  France

Company Main Product: Fashion

Company Website: atelierorion.com


From their website:

ATELIER ORION emerged in the spring of 2019, brought to life by a fashion enthusiast whose entire childhood unfolded in her parents’ sewing workshop in the heart of Paris.

Seda, the visionary designer, envisions her creations, sketching them before entrusting their production to her father’s workshop. Her father, an adept fashion designer, brings these designs to life, emphasizing the brand’s commitment to values and its promotion of “Made in France.”

Being attuned to environmental concerns, the designer embraces a more conscientious approach to fashion:

  • A portion of the brand’s garments is crafted from upcycled fabrics, specifically sourced from the remnants of fashion house rolls.

  • The production operates in small series, with the workshop adjusting quantities based on demand, steering clear of overproduction.

  • All stages of manufacturing, including design, cutting, and assembly, occur locally in Paris.

  • Leftover fabric scraps find a purpose as they are transformed into bags utilized for packaging, eliminating the need for plastic. These reusable bags even serve as handy travel organizers for some customers. Additionally, the smallest scraps take on new life as charming trinkets, thoughtfully included in each package as a gift.