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arctic seas

Company Headquarters:  Belgium

Products Made In:  Portugal

Company Main Product: Swimsuits

Company Website: www.arcticseas.one

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From their website:

franky claeys, founder and designer of arctic seas swimwear, was convinced that style and sustainability don’t have to be at odds. At arctic seas we emphasize style by producing sustainable luxury designer swimwear with a natural twist and a global story. High on style and high on sustainabilty. We discern ourselves from other swimwear producers by: abandoning the outdated seasonal calendar : it’s always summer somewhere. arctic seas develops capsules that are inspired by an ecological / environmental story. Our high-quality garments are a universe of their own, designed to outlive fashion trends. Produced in limited runs, each garment is unique. Our enduring garments guarantee long-term use and have minimal imprint on the environment. We use different recycled materials such as ECONYL® and seaqual. The high cost of the recycled fabric generates a high price point thus inciting less but more conscious consumption.