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Adada Paris

Company Headquarters:  France

Products Made In:  France

Company Main Product: Toys

Company Website: adadastore.com

Last Reviewed: 08-03-2024


From their website:

Adada Paris, a brand renowned for its 100% made-in-France teddy bears, is the creative vision of Véronique Lacaze, a former interior architect based in Paris. With meticulous attention to detail, Véronique conceptualizes and designs each product, ensuring a touch of Parisian elegance in every creation.

Handmade with passion in their Brittany workshop, Adada Paris employs a team of 8 skillful seamstresses, each contributing unique expertise. This small workshop in the heart of a Breton village is a hub of haute couture and high-precision craftsmanship, setting a standard of excellence unparalleled in France. Every lovey and teddy bear is crafted with a personal touch, reflecting the dedication of the artisans.

Adada Paris takes pride in using French fabrics of the highest quality. The organic cotton, knitted, and dyed in France, hails from Roanne and Nay. DMC embroidery threads, crucial to the intricate detailing, are spun and dyed in Mulhouse, France. Even the wadding, ensuring the plushness of each creation, is sourced from Normandy.

Beyond the aesthetic appeal, Adada Paris is committed to meeting CE standards, ensuring the safety and quality of their products. Each creation undergoes meticulous testing in France, assuring customers of the brand’s dedication to excellence and craftsmanship. Adada Paris stands as a testament to the fusion of French elegance, organic materials, and unparalleled craftsmanship, creating timeless teddy bears and loveys that are truly a labor of love.