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1844 Notebooks

Company Headquarters:  Netherlands

Products Made In:  Netherlands  Germany

Company Main Product: Lifestyle

Company Website: www.1844notebooks.nl

Last Reviewed: 22-05-2024


From their website:

In 1844, Isaac Wedding founded a publishing house in a small building in the center. He printed news and stories with great attention to detail. Since then, the passion for creating beautiful paper publications has always been passed on within the company. Now, 175 years later, the same drive to provide customers with the best tools for their ideas, notes, and plans persists. This dedication is reflected in the handmade, personalized notebooks crafted with great care in the Netherlands.

All notebooks are meticulously made by hand. The craftsmanship is evident in every detail. The hand binder meticulously creates each booklet using high-quality materials. The process involves cutting the leather, embossing, stitching, and sewing the booklets together. Each notebook from 1844 Notebooks is completely unique, made especially for each customer. Customers can choose the print of their paper, the number of pages, and the color of the cover, and can even have their own text or name engraved on the cover. Each book is one of a kind. Discover the entire collection of unique, personalized notebooks.