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Parent label: Environment Protection

    Laka’s purpose
    Poland has 100,000 hectares of municipal lawns across the country. These lawns act as ‘green deserts’, leading to the loss of habitat for pollinators and vanishing biodiversity. Adding to the problem, pesticides used for lawn care kill not only weeds, but also bees and other insects.

    Converting lawns into diverse meadows increases biodiversity by 60-70% while reducing CO2 emissions 3-fold. Laka has already converted 1 mln square meters of municipal lawns into meadows and completed projects with major municipalities (Warsaw, Krakow, etc). We plan to convert 4 mln square meters and be 100% self-reliant in seed production by 2024.

    Laka’s advantages include know-how in the execution of major municipal projects, strong track-record and unique offer. Municipalities like to minimise risk by working with known entities. Laka also offers special seed mixes for city purposes and its patented coating makes the seeds more durable and easier to sprout in city environment.