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Company Headquarters:  France

Products Made In:  Portugal Poland

Company Main Product: Bags & Wallets

Company Website: arsayo.com

Last Reviewed: 04-07-2024


From their website:

Arsayo is a brand rooted in a family story centered around a father with over 30 years of passion for fashion and leather goods. His dream was to create the backpack of the future, blending practicality, comfort, innovation, and safety. With the support of his three children, the Arsayo brand was established, offering products that respect animals, the environment, and human labor, while embodying strong family values.

After numerous prototypes were tested and refined, the secure closure of the bag was conceived almost spontaneously during a family lunch. This innovative feature marked the beginning of a “success story,” leading to trade fairs, awards, a new website, and the opening of a boutique in the heart of the Marais in Paris in May 2018. Today, Arsayo proudly offers comfortable, innovative, and ethical bags that meet the contemporary needs of customers.